Clean corporate comedian Shaun Eli
                          host of The Ivy League of Comedy
        creator of the hilarious Business School... in About an Hour

  "Shaun writes the kind of
  smart comedy I like to use

  in my
opening monologue."

                  - Jay Leno
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Shaun Eli is one of America's smartest stand-up comics.
Whether it's a story about dining with a vegetarian or
successfully fighting a parking ticket, master storyteller
Shaun Eli proves that there's hilarity in the ordinary if you
approach life with a comedic warp. Job interviews? Serving
on a NYC criminal jury? How about the Ten Commandments?
For just about anything he's experienced
Shaun has a hilarious story at the ready.

"Business School... in About an Hour"
Everything you'd learn in two years at
Wharton or Harvard Business School,
in under ninety minutes and at a savings
of more than $100,000.
Educational ● Satirical Informative Hilarious

"You were the most talked-about part
of our group's trip to NYC- everyone
had such a wonderfully hilarious evening...
I would recommend you to any group
seeking entertainment."
-Jiyul Kim, Colonel, U.S. Army;
Director of Asian Studies, U.S. Army War College


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