Clean corporate stand-up comedian Shaun Eli

It’s my job to make you forget how much you hate your job!sm

Stand-up comedian Shaun Eli has rightfully been called one of America’s smartest comics.

Whether it’s a story about dining with a vegetarian or successfully fighting a parking ticket, master storyteller Shaun Eli proves that there’s hilarity in the ordinary if you approach life with a comedic warp. Job interviews? Serving on a NYC criminal jury? How about the Ten Commandments?

For just about anything he’s experienced Shaun has a hilarious story at the ready.

Invest in your happiness. Come to a comedy show!sm


Some additional comedy videos:
(for videos of Shaun Eli performing stand-up on stage- if they’re not on the right side of your screen then scroll down)

          Letterman-style News Quiz

Shaun Eli: Wall Street Correspondent

Real Estate Rules For Living        

Clean comedian Shaun Eli performs nationwide- call or email to ask about hiring him for your corporate function, industry conference, charity event, private party, community group, service organization…


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