Privacy Policy and Web Accessibility Statement for,, and affiliated websites


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is almost as important to us as our own privacy.

If you supply us with your email address, name and/or other information, it’s just for our occasional comedy emails (and of course we’ll take you off our list should you ask). We do not share information with, rent to, lend to nor sell to anybody else. We carry no third-party advertising.


Web Accessibility Statement

We are committed to making sure that our websites and web pages are as accessible as possible for the blind and visually impaired. We work with an independent web accessibility specialist that employs the blind to point out flaws and problems so that we may correct them as best we can (given the limitations imposed by such things as our web host and WordPress software).
We are a small entity that does not have the ability to afford a dedicated web/IT person.

We are also committed to making our videos accessible for the hearing-impaired by ensuring that our closed-captioning is as accurate as possible.

We encourage productive feedback in order for us to make our web pages the best they can be.

Should you have specific recommendations or issues with any of our pages please email Shaun at BrainChampagne dot com.

(it was pointed out to us that making email addresses clickable does simplify contacting us but it also leads to a ton more spam)