Buffalo, NY Clean Corporate Comedy Shows- Comedian Shaun Eli.

Also for people named Buffalo, and for any buffalos that love stand-up comedy. How could they not find us funny? I mean, creatures that stand on just two legs? Hilarious! I’ll also do shows for bison, water buffalo and zoologists.


About Me- the comedian you want to hire

Clean comedian Shaun Eli smiles down at the audience as he takes the stage and puts the microphone stand to the side
Shaun Eli on stage at the Emelin Theatre in New York

I’m a lifelong New Yorker. Except for four years in college in Philadelphia I’ve lived in New York State my entire life. And even when I was in college I was a New Yorker- my legal address was my parents’ house.

I’m not one of those NYC snobs who thinks that the world revolves around Manhattan. And not just because I’m from Queens. I realize that New York can mean the city or the state and the state’s obviously bigger.

I’m from downstate. Buffalo is in Western New York. Yes, I know the difference between Upstate New York and Western New York. I also know the difference between a farm and a ranch, if you care. My parents told me to always pay attention to stuff. I’d say we could even meet in the middle, half-way between Buffalo and NYC but that might put us in Pennsylvania and we don’t want that. There’s nothing wrong with PA but it shouldn’t be a compromise between two New Yorkers.

I’ve been a stand-up comedian since 2003 and it’s the best job I could imagine. And I used to work in an ice cream shop and as a lifeguard. Comedy’s even better. I make people laugh and I get paid. It’s a rare job where you get applause when you’re done. At my prior job they never even said thank you. And I pointed that out to them on more than one occasion.

Now I get paid to make fun of them so I guess it all worked out. For what it’s worth stand-up comedy and my former day job in banking overlapped for six years, and for six years I never said anything on stage about even having a day job. Then a couple of years after I left banking it occurred to me that I could talk about them and now I have a funny eight or nine minute story about the clods I used to work for.


About my shows

As a comedian I’ve been profiled in The New York Times and my group The Ivy League of Comedy in the Philadelphia Inquirer. My jokes have been published in all sorts of newspapers and magazines and have been in the opening monologues of three late-night TV hosts. If you want more details on that read my biography. It’s not funny. But my stand-up is. For proof of that watch my stand-up comedy videos.

My comedy’s clean and friendly and a little sarcastic. Not too sarcastic for Buffalo. I don’t say family-friendly because it’s not for little kids. They don’t understand what I talk about and so they get bored and restless. Although sometimes despite my best efforts someone brings little kids and sometimes they laugh anyway, even at stuff they couldn’t possibly understand. They laugh because everyone else is laughing. But still, leave the little kids home.

I say if you’re old enough to want to date then you’re old enough for my shows. I make fun of my former employer (I used to be a banker, but I escaped). I talk about fighting a parking ticket in criminal court and about why there’s no anti-Semitism in Northern Ireland. And it’s not for the lack of Jews- there are some there. My material is stories from my life, some shorter jokes and some stuff I just plain made up. But it’s not like my jokes are about talking dogs.


How to hire me

Well, that’s pretty easy. You call or write and we talk and work out the few details. Whether you represent a corporation that wants a clean stand-up comedian, or a charity working on a fundraising event, or a synagogue or church or other house of worship, just email Shaun (at) Brain Champagne dot com, or call or text me at (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866. Questions? Ask away!