Business School… in About an Hoursm
The comedy show that’s all businesssm

The hilarious and somewhat educational show by corporate stand-up comedian Shaun Eli that opened at the American Embassy in Vienna is now available to you.

Business School… in About an Hour
Now with 30% more hour!

Using examples and jokes from his corporate stand-up comedy act to illustrate his points, comedian and Wharton alumnus Shaun Eli can help you manage your business

• More intelligently   •   More efficiently   •   Less stressfully   •
•   More Profitably   •   Joyously  

But more importantly, you’ll have a great time!

• Educational  •  Satirical  •  Informative  •  Hilarious  •

Everything you’d learn at Harvard or Wharton, in under 90 minutes!

“Thank you for debuting your new one-man stand-up comedy show ‘Business School … in About an Hour,’ I never would have considered how principles of risk management from finance are also applicable to being a stand-up comedian.

This clever routine should be perfect for New York executives!
Keep up the great work!
The State Department greatly appreciates your generosity.”
– Lindsey Hamilton
Community Liaison Officer
American Embassy, Vienna


Bring corporate comedian Shaun Eli to your conference or event.
For much less than you thought possible.
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