Scranton, PA Clean Corporate Comedy Shows- Comedian Shaun Eli


About Me- because you already know all about Scranton

Corporate stand-up comedian Shaun Eli performing on a large stage in front of a purple curtain at Mamaroneck, New York's Emelin Theatre
Shaun Eli on stage at the Emelin Theatre in New York

I’m a New Yorker and you’re maybe wondering what I know about Scranton. More than you think. I went to college in Philadelphia with people from all over Pennsylvania. More importantly I dated someone who lived in Scranton. Did she visit me in New York? Almost never. For a few reasons. First, she had to be at work earlier on Mondays than I did. I had a day job then but it didn’t start until 10. Secondly, she had a cat. A very dog-like cat, for you dog people that don’t like cats. So it was a lovely cat to visit. Though that wasn’t my primary reason for going.

The biggest reason I spent all that time in Scranton was because there was a fire in my apartment building and I could only barely live there for a while. It was great to visit her in Scranton and not have to smell mold for a couple of days. Alas, we broke up. It wasn’t a bad breakup because neither of us was what the other one was looking for long-term, but it was nice in the meantime. I used to buy and eat an Archway Fruit & Honey bar on the drive home but they don’t make them anymore and that’s a disappointment. Not that there’s a shortage of other junk food in America, but that particular one has sentimental value. Right up until one day she told me I should be eating it a little earlier than I expected.

I’m a professional stand-up comedian and what that means is I’m an expert at making a room full of strangers laugh. My comedy is clean and it’s reasonably friendly and it’s not too sarcastic for you. I mainly make fun of people and things that should be made fun of, like how my cell phone company shouldn’t put someone else’s name on caller ID when I call people, or my former employer that wasn’t grateful for the zillions of dollars that I made them. These are just a couple of things I talk about on stage, and even then not always.

I have over two hours of clean stand-up comedy material, almost all of which is optimal for corporate and charity events. Some of it’s a little edgy (not dirty, just edgy, like talking about dating at a funeral) so it’s not right for corporate events. I’m not an idiot- I know what material is right for your audience. And if it’s a corporate event I may know a little bit about your industry. I went to Wharton and I worked in business for twenty years before becoming a full-time comic. I also have friends, and they talk about work. I listen and I pick up stuff.


About my shows

As a comedian I’ve been profiled in The New York Times and my group The Ivy League of Comedy in the Philadelphia Inquirer. My jokes have been published in all sorts of newspapers and magazines and have been in the opening monologues of three late-night TV hosts. If you want more details on that read my biography. It’s not funny. But my stand-up is.

If you want to see what I’m like on stage watch my stand-up comedy videos.

If you park on the streets of Philadelphia you really need to hear my experience fighting a parking ticket in criminal court. When you hire me for your show in the Scranton, PA area please remind me to include that story. It’s around eight minutes long and it has a lot of punchlines. Pro comedians don’t tell stories unless they get laughs all throughout. It’s different from telling jokes to your friends.

I do shows for corporate and industry events, for alumni groups, for charity fundraising events, and also at theatres and comedy clubs. I also do shows for houses of worship and law firms and even some private parties. Because some people have living rooms that can seat fifty. Not me, and that’s why my fees are reasonable- I don’t have to pay for a ten thousand square foot house. I don’t even think I’d want a house that big.


How to hire me

Well, that’s pretty easy. You call or write and we talk and work out the few details. Whether you represent a corporation that wants a clean stand-up comedian, or a charity working on a fundraising event, or a synagogue or church or other house of worship, just email Shaun (at) Brain Champagne dot com, or call or text me at (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866. Questions? Ask away!