Stand-up Comedy for your Banking / Wall Street / Finance / Insurance / Investment Industry / Hedge Fund   Event or Seminar

Why hire a stand-up comedian when you can hire the stand-up comedian? I’m Shaun Eli and I used to be a banker but now I get paid to make people laugh. I made some great trades on Wall Street but leaving Wall Street for the stage was by far the best trade I ever made.

Or maybe I should say laughing all the way FROM the bank.

American clean corporate stand-up comedian Shaun Eli on stage at South Africa's Cape Town Comedy Club

I have an industry background- over two decades of work in finance in addition to being a comedian for over twenty years (no, I’m not that old- there was some overlap before I left finance in 2009 to be a full-time comedian).

Invest in your Happiness. Hire stand-up comedian Shaun Eli for your event!sm

My non-comedy resume includes two years as a property & casualty actuary, three years at a non-bank financial company and eighteen years working for three different banks in both fixed-income investment and risk management. I was a pioneer in the credit derivatives industry, the inventor of several financial products including the double derivative. I was responsible for the two largest portfolio acquisitions in the history of real estate opportunity fund financing (also known as capital call subscription deals). I worked in sports lending, synthetic securities, bank loans, credit lines and letters of credit, leases, bonds, repos and asset-backed securities. So yeah, I might understand your company or industry way better than the average comedian. I have hilarious stories about working in banking but don’t worry, it’s not your company that I’ll be making fun of. Oh yeah, I also have a degree in marketing and economics from Wharton, if you’re snobby about that sort of thing.

Accounting humor stand-up comedy Doctor vs. Accountant #Doctor #Accountant (FYI the accountant wins)

But really you should be hiring me for my comedy skills. I’ve headlined shows on five continents and I’m a clean comedian who regularly performs in theatres. I’m not some dirty comedy club comic who tries to clean up his act for a corporate event- my jokes are clean and friendly and I won’t pick on the audience (unless severely provoked- here’s a story about that).

Testimonials? Of course.

“Shaun was SUPER. Not only did he do a phenomenal job emceeing our corporate function but with his corporate background he completely understood our complicated business and what we needed from an emcee for the launch of our unique event. And after the event he took the initiative to stick around and discuss the logistics with our participants so he could make suggestions to make the event even better the next time we do it.”
Kayvan Farzaneh
Senior Manager
VSC Consulting

“Thank you so much for appearing at our fundraising dinner. Everyone loved you and really appreciated your being there. From the minute you hit the stage you had us all roaring with laughter! The feedback we’re getting from everyone is terrific. You were original and clever as well as quick-witted in dealing with the audience, and you were an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Mitch Baum
Burgers for Autism
Garden Academy
(school for children with autism)

“We had Corporate take a look at your agreement, some changes were made, but they wanted me to pass along they LOVED your humor and never laughed so hard working on a contract.”
Carla Brady
Manager of Resident Services
Erickson Living

“Shaun is stupendous! We spent a little over an hour on the phone to come up with some jokes for my company’s e-commerce site. I was amazed at how quickly he thought of funny things for us to put on our website to keep it interesting and draw attention to our novel products. His comedy was not just about the products themselves- he even came up with a joke to boast about the low price we are charging. Shaun’s price for his expertise? Very fair and reasonable. Need original comedy for your business? Hire Shaun.”
Jacqueline von Edenberg
Founder & Chief Feline Officer
Scratch Out Scratchers, Inc.


I will make sure that your event is tons of fun. I’ve been a stand-up comedian for over twenty years, I have a business background and I founded the company that’s the leading independent producer of clean stand-up comedy for theatres. So in addition to showing up to your event and making people laugh I’ll also help you set up the room so it’s optimized for comedy- which may mean figuring out the best lighting and how to set up the chairs and tables for the performance- everything to give you the great show you deserve. Because little things can make a big difference, as you’ve probably seen in your business.

Questions? This website has my contact information all over it but to make it easy for you:
Shaun (at) BrainChampagne (dot) com
Shaun Eli      Liberty Comedy Corp.
Call or text (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866