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Hiring clean stand-up comedian Shaun Eli for your corporate or charity comedy event in Harrisburg, or anywhere else for that matter *


About me

Shaun Eli on stage at South Africa's Cape Town Comedy Club
International headlining comedian Shaun Eli on stage at Cape Town Comedy Club in South Africa

I grew up in and around New York City but I went to college in Philadelphia, PA. Which was once the capital of America but now it’s not even the capital of Pennsylvania. That’s you, Harrisburg, as I’m sure you know. Forgive my Harrisburg-splaining. Or maybe it’s New York-splaining. That would make more sense, since New Yorkers think we know everything. And clearly we don’t. I don’t know how to milk a cow or wrangle a horse. I can barely spell wrangle. The first time I typed it I left out the W until my browser told me.

But one thing I do know how to do, quite well, is how to make strangers laugh. It’s quite different from making your friends laugh, both because we don’t have a shared frame of reference and because you don’t know me. And also because, well, the pressure’s on. It makes my job a little challenging but I’ve been doing it since 2003 and I’m pretty darn good at it.

Oh, I also know the difference between a farm and a ranch and that mattered once when I was doing a comedy show at a club in NYC and there were both farmers and ranchers in the audience. Not from New York. Texas and Florida. And the other comedians kept referring to everyone as farmers. So when I got on stage I opened with “I may be a dumb New Yorker but at least I know the difference between a farm and a ranch.” And that got the audience on my side right away. My parents told me I should always pay attention because stuff will come in handy sometime and I guess they were right. Also good that I paid attention when they said that.

I also did a show once, an audition for a club, and the comic before me was horribly racist. And also terrible. Racist jokes can still be clever and well-structured but his just sucked. I was up next and the audience was still angry. I could feel their negative energy. I just opened by pointing off-stage and very plainly saying “I’m not him.” And that was enough.

Sometimes the simplest stuff is the best. 


My stand-up comedy

My comedy is clean and pretty friendly and a little sarcastic. But not in the “He’s a New Yorker and he’s too sarcastic, he needs to tone it way the heck down out here” sort of way. More like making fun of things that you’ll agree deserve it.

Most of my comedy’s about me or my family or things that have happened to me or things that I’ve done. If you’ve wronged me maybe you’re going to get bashed because you should. Yeah, I’m talking about you, Google, and my former employer, and that parking ticket I didn’t deserve. There were no parking meters in front of the mayor’s house, and he had a driveway and a police driver. I had mom and dad’s old VW. This was in Philadelphia. So if you ever park on the street in Philadelphia you really need to hear my story. And who knows, maybe they have similar laws in Harrisburg and you can beat a ticket there too. I’m not familiar with Harrisburg’s city code so I don’t know if it will work. That would be your job. I’m not your lawyer. I’m not even a lawyer, even though people seem to think I used to be, for some reason.

I’ve performed all over the world, at all sorts of places. I do shows in theatres, at corporate and industry events, at charity fundraising events, for alumni associations and even at houses of worship. I’ve also performed once in a barn. But then also once in an embassy and that was pretty cool. They wouldn’t let me record the show. They wouldn’t even let me bring my cellphone inside. I guess in case I decided to spy on my own show.

If you want to see what I’m like on stage watch my stand-up comedy videos.


Booking me for shows in or near Harrisburg, PA

Email Shaun (at) Brain Champagne dot com, or call or text me at (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866. I’m sure you’ll have questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ll have questions for you too. Not calculus or chemical equations, more like Who and Where and When and How Many and You Do Have Chairs, Right?

I’ve done shows for people standing up, but a seated audience is better. Indoors is better than outdoors, too. Comics used to hate outdoor shows- we need laughter to echo, and no distractions- but since the pandemic we’ve gotten better at performing under more difficult circumstances.

So get in touch and let’s have some fun!

* Well, not everywhere else. I don’t think it’s legal for me to work in Iran, North Korea or Cuba,