A summary of some of Shaun’s writings

Expired Comedysm: Shaun wrote thousands of jokes for three late-night TV talk shows and for a political website. Here are over a thousand jokes (more than 25,000 words) you didn’t see or hear. Most of these jokes were based on then-current events so they may no longer be topical. Hence calling it Expired Comedy.

Comedic Essays: Shaun’s thoughts on all sorts of things, from a bad contract lawyer to Vladimir Putin’s on-line dating profile to covid-19’s Yelp page to more bad lawyering to having fun with scammers. Also a crazy adventure while on tour in New Zealand during a flood. Sixteen essays.

Blog: More funny essays, but generally shorter. At more than 31,000 words it’s a lot of humor.

A Tale of Two Kiddies” is a short (390 words) children’s story Shaun wrote. It’s not humor but it’s cute.

Are Female Comedians Finally in Demand?” is an op-ed Shaun wrote for the Newark Star-Ledger about women in comedy.

From Justice to Laughter” is an article Shaun wrote for the New Jersey Law Journal about attorneys who became comedians. FYI Shaun is not a former attorney although for some reason a lot of people think he is.

Women Are Funny” is a piece originally written for Yahoo Shine about female stand-up comedians and how audience members can help promote women in comedy.

Health and Rackets” is a “Seinfeld” script that Shaun and his college roommate wrote that was never produced.

Private Lines” is a “Seinfeld” script that Shaun wrote that was never produced.

A Short Tribute to George Carlin is a take on George Carlin’s most famous routine, applied to his death.

South African Comedy chronicles Shaun’s experiences performing in South Africa and how stand-up comedy differs there from in America.


To contact Shaun to book him for a show or to have him write custom comedy for you or your company/group/ad campaign/brochure please call or text him at (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866 or email Shaun (at) BrainChampagne.com.