Press, Feedback and Praise for Shaun Eli’s Shows 

Over a dozen newspaper and magazine articles about Clean Stand-up Comedian Shaun Eli and The Ivy League of Comedy along with links to audio files- the articles have been narrated for the visually impaired.

“Ivy League Humor: Blue-Blooded, But Not Blue”
Journal News

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  (Journal News mp3)
Two Shows, Lots of Laughs
Philadelphia Inquirer

(Philadelphia Inquirer mp3)
“Second Acts: The Job Shifters”
Christian Science Monitor
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Clean Comedy Coming to Riverdale
Riverdale Press

(Riverdale Press mp3)

7 Jobs That Pay You To Play All Day

(CNN mp3)
Funny Business
Westchester Magazine (2010)

(Westchester Magazine mp3)
“Students Take a Comedic Turn”
Daily Pennsylvanian
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  (Daily Pennsylvanian mp3)
The Education of an Ivy League Comedian
Yale Daily News

(Yale Daily News mp3)
Human Collateral: More Tales of Bliss After Wall Street

(Nasdaq mp3)

 Take a leap of faith
New York Post

(NY Post mp3)
Are female comedians finally in demand?
Newark Star-Ledger

(Newark Star-Ledger mp3)
“Standing up for Clean Comedy”
Westchester Magazine (2019)
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  (Westchester Magazine 2019.mp3)

It’s Never Too Late to Quit Your Day Job and Become a Stand-up Comic
The New York Times


The Good Life
New York Post


The Ivy League of Comedy
brings clean laughs to Park Theatre

Cranston Herald
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Comedian returning to the
Emelin for hometown Show

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The Scarsdale Inquirer
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“Class Clown Town”
34th Street Magazine

Some feedback and praise

“Shaun was SUPER. Not only did he do a phenomenal job emceeing our corporate function but with his corporate background he completely understood our complicated business and what we needed from an emcee for the launch of our unique event. And after the event he took the initiative to stick around and discuss the logistics with our participants so he could make suggestions to make the event even better the next time we do it.”
– Kayvan Farzaneh
  Senior Manager
  VSC Consulting

“You were the most talked-about part of our group’s trip to NYC- everyone had such a wonderfully hilarious evening. We all appreciated your ability to interact with a very diverse audience, military officers and diplomats intermixed with New Yorkers and visiting tourists from all over, and still keep your material fresh, clever and relevant to everyone. People who’ve made a career out of slogging through mud while under fire aren’t going to be offended by dirty words, but they still marveled at your friendly and professional ability to rock the room without the use of foul language or vulgar content. I would recommend you to any group seeking entertainment.”
–  Jiyul Kim
   Colonel, U.S. Army
   Director of Asian Studies
   U.S. Army War College

“You’re wonderful! Bless you for coming! This is the first time in three months I’ve seen my wife smile.”
– husband of a cancer patient after a show at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  (the hospital’s strict patient confidentiality policy prohibits even asking for a name)

Wow! … OMG! …. hilarious!” That’s just a sample of what folks were saying about you as they left the theater. Thanks, Shaun, for a truly awesome show. We look forward to having you back in the very near future!
– Barbara Jurgelas
  Comedy Booker
  Playhouse on Park Theatre

“We’re always thrilled to have Shaun Eli host our Comedy Fights Cancer shows– he’s warm, hilarious and great with the patients and their families. His professionalism and brilliance always shine.”
–  Abby Russell
  Comedy Fights Cancer

“Shaun writes the kind of smart comedy I like to use in my opening monologue.”
– Jay Leno

“Shaun Eli is a smart and witty comedy writer. He is a gifted monologist. He avoids the topics other comedians have burned out. His observations about our society’s insanity are fresh, entertaining and funny. He has a genuine gift to make us laugh.”
–  Stephen Rosenfield
   Director, The American Comedy Institute

Shaun has become a real asset to the Joey Reynolds Show. We enjoy him so much we’ve made him a quasi-regular. He’s smart, quick, flexible, enthusiastic, professional and is totally there. He also interfaces well with whatever microphone starved maniacs happen to be on the show with him.
–  Myra Chanin
   The Joey Reynolds Radio Show (WOR 710 AM in NYC and syndicated to hundreds of radio stations across the U.S.)

“Shaun had our attention from the start. Even our fittest divers were laughing so hard they could barely catch their breath. Shaun was so polished and professional, we still can’t believe he’d been performing for only four months. Our members, and their families, keep talking about the show he put on, and they want him back next year.”
– Dr. Soliman Shenouda
  The Scuba Sports Club

“Shaun is stupendous! We spent a little over an hour on the phone to come up with some jokes for my company’s e-commerce site. I was amazed at how quickly he thought of funny things for us to put on our website to keep it interesting and draw attention to our novel products. His comedy was not just about the products themselves- he even came up with a joke to boast about the low price we are charging. Shaun’s price for his expertise? Very fair and reasonable. Need original comedy for your business? Hire Shaun.”
-Jacqueline von Edenberg
Founder & Chief Feline Officer
Scratch Out Scratchers, Inc.

“…humor that is smart and wry and a little cerebral.”
– Scarsdale Inquirer

“From your first sentence you had us all hooked, starting with one-liners and building into a routine that made us think while we were laughing, an awesome combination! Come back, we want more!”
–  Lesa Pascal
   President of the African/Latin Heritage Club and Officer of Student Government Association
   Concordia College-New York

“Shaun was a blast to have on. Even though we had some technical difficulties and couldn’t play clips from his performance, he took it in stride and was VERY entertaining.”
– Lou Ruggieri, host of “The Stress Factor” on WMSC radio (Meeker Broadcasting)

Thanks for making such a terrific resource available to anyone who wants it (and for free!). I’m due to perform my first ever stand up routine in a few weeks (at the age of fifty), so I’m voraciously reading anything and everything I can lay my hands on. I really enjoyed your FAQ page and found a lot of the info very helpful.
–  Rob Hart
   Advertising Copywriter
   Adelaide, Australia

Thank you for your monthly dose of humor. I enjoy opening your mail. If you are ever doing a show in South Africa let me know; I would love to see you live.
–  Michael Leaper
   Software Developer
   South Africa

(more testimonials)

Comedian Shaun Eli is an excellent choice for your corporate event, country club/tennis/flying/yacht club/golf club outing or member/guest tournament comedy night entertainment. Also perfect for your temple, synagogue, church, charity fundraising event. Hire direct– why pay a booker?

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specific information on hiring comedians for temple/synagogue/shul shows and
information on hosting an Orthodox Jewish singles event

To contact Shaun for his 31 flavors of comedy please call or text him at (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866 or email Shaun (at)

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