Syracuse, NY     Clean Corporate Comedian Shaun Eli


About Me- hey, I’m an expert on that

Jay Leno endorses Shaun Eli's comedy writing
If you don’t know which one is me, I’m the better-looking one.

I like Syracuse. You probably doubt that, because I’m from downstate. You probably think that I think that Syracuse, NY is too snowy. Yeah, I do. But that’s just a guess since I haven’t been there in the winter. I have been there in the summer many times because I used to be a competitive rower. The Empire State Games were held in Syracuse a bunch of times. And I have the medals to prove it. Not all of them are gold, but some of them are. And there were also a bunch of other boat races in Syracuse.

So maybe I shouldn’t think of snow when I think of Syracuse. I should think of boats. I still row, but my days of racing are way done. So I probably won’t be driving my single scull to Onondaga Lake anymore. I know that golfers like to play on different courses, and skiers like to ski on different mountains, but rowers aren’t like that. 2000 meters of water is 2000 meters of water whether it’s in Syracuse or Philadelphia.

I’ve raced boats in three countries and surpassed that with comedy as I’ve headlined shows on five continents. I’m a clean corporate stand-up comedian and I do shows for companies, industry groups and conferences, for charity events and for temples and churches and other houses of worship. And for you, if you ask. You’ll probably also have to pay me for my clean stand-up comedy. Fun isn’t always free. Neither are pizza and ice cream, and what do you think I’ll spend your money on once you pay me? Although mostly I’ve been making, not buying, pizza, and I have a nice pizza oven outside.

As a comedian I’ve been profiled in The New York Times and my group The Ivy League of Comedy in the Philadelphia Inquirer. My jokes have been published in all sorts of newspapers and magazines and have been in the opening monologues of three late-night TV hosts. If you want more details on that read my biography. It’s not funny. But my stand-up is.

If you want to see what I’m like on stage watch my stand-up comedy videos.


About my shows

My comedy’s clean and it’s great for corporate and charity events. It’s a combination of stories and shorter jokes. When I started in comedy my material was what comics call jokey. It wasn’t stories but simply one-liner type stuff. Which is often actually three lines- the premise, the focus and the punchline. Or a three-line joke followed by a bunch of tags, which is what comics call individual punchlines that follow the first punchline. I wanted to be more of a story-teller, like Bill Cosby was. And now I’m a story-teller and I promise I am nothing like Bill Cosby.

I don’t know why, when I started out, I didn’t realize that serving on jury duty or fighting a traffic ticket, or talking about my family, were funny enough to tell on stage. They are. Some of my stories are more recent, like dating, or bashing my former employer. I didn’t even mention them when I started because I didn’t want to give my boss another reason to resent my telling jokes at night. She was my age but for some reason said she wouldn’t respect me if she came to a show. She got fired and as far as I know still hasn’t seen me on stage. That’s her loss. I still don’t know what she thinks a stand-up comedian does that she’d lose respect for a valued employee if she saw him telling jokes.


How to hire me

It’s not complicated. I have a car and I can easily drive to Syracuse for a comedy show. Whether you represent a corporation that wants a clean stand-up comedian, a charity working on a fundraising event, or a synagogue or church or other house of worship, it all works the same way. Email Shaun (at) Brain Champagne dot com, or call or text me at (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866. Feel free to call or text or email with questions. I’m happy to answer questions. That’s one way I learn what people are looking for. If you’re my former boss you can hire me to perform. It’ll cost you, because I want to make up for all those lousy raises.