Clean stand-up comedian Shaun Eli performs stand-up comedy at theatres & performing arts centers, corporate, industry and charity events, comedy clubs, bars and music clubs, for golf and yacht clubs and for private parties. In-person or virtually.

Ask what he can do for your organization.

Wharton-educated comedian Shaun Eli is available to:

  • Perform stand-up comedy for your theatre, group, venue or organization. Comedy for a bank, investment bank, insurance company, hedge fund, money manager or other Wall Street enterprise? Shaun is the expert!

  • Give a humorous talk about how he got started in comedy, about the life of a comedian, and to answer the audience’s questions (“a backstage pass” into the life of a stand-up comedian).

  • Emcee your corporate, charity or even your singles event.

  • Write humorous copy or help you plan humor strategy for your ad campaign.

  • Teach a comedy class for your group, company or organization.

comedian and corporate emcee Shaun Eli on stage
Shaun Eli on stage at the Emelin Theatre in New York

His public performance schedule.

Information on hiring Shaun for a corporate event.

Shaun also has a one-man comedy show “Business School… in About an Hoursm
It’s The Comedy Show That’s All Businesssm.

With his group The Ivy League of Comedy Shaun performs clean stand-up comedy at theatres & performing arts centers, corporate, industry and charity events and comedy clubs.

Shaun, with a colleague, will also put together a comedy class for your enterprise or charity, Laughing With The Stars. In the graduation show you and the other students will perform in a comedy show with professional comedians- and the ticket proceeds belong to you!

Shaun can emcee your corporate, industry or charity event. Emcee information

Shaun can emcee/host your synagogue singles event.

A pitch for intelligent clean comedy.

Shaun can also help create custom humorous content for your advertising, marketing message or for your website.

Shaun has been a professional comedian for 20 years and has 30 years of professional comedy-writing experience.


Samples of Shaun’s writing:

Short Topical Comedy

Comedic Essays

Short Comedic Essays 

Performing in South Africa 

A Short Tribute to George Carlin


To hire Shaun for your corporate or charity event, golf or country club event, industry conference, alumni group or private party, or to write comedy for you, start by asking! Advice is free. Call or text (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866 or email Shaun (at) BrainChampagne dot com.