Corporate events should conclude with entertainment!

A comedian for your Serious Corporate Event?

Hire a comedian? Why wouldn’t you?

No matter how much your attendees love their work
professional comedy entertainment will enhance your conference
laughter is a shared experience that brings people together.

Because studies have shown that
humor helps people retain what they’ve learned.

Because comedy at your event is like the fine wine or delicious dessert
that helps you appreciate your gourmet meal even more.

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Is it appropriate to have an entertainer at your serious event?
That depends.
Is the entertainer making balloon animals and singing silly song parodies? Or is he a Wharton-educated, award-winning economist & former bank vice president pleasing your audience with clean, smart comedy that may include content specific to your industry?

For example, it’s not just financial companies that use principles of risk management. So do stand-up comics!

Entertaining stories from the life of a comedian can show how he too uses risk management to further his objectives and counter obstacles on the way to achieving his goals.

Many corporate and organizational conferences end with entertainment.
Not just to make the conferences more fun and make people want to come back…
people retain more if they’re entertained & enjoy themselves at an event.

Adding comedy to your conference doesn’t just make it more fun,
it makes it more powerful.

Make your event

More powerful       More fun       More memorable       More talked-about
And make your attendees want to come back next year.


Here are some topics Shaun may cover in his corporate comedy performances

                      • Creativity: Clever, maybe even sneaky, problem-solving
                      • Quality
                      • Tolerance & Adapting to others
                      • Fighting the system to make it better
                      • Drunk elephants

Health and business benefits of humor

Laughter helps you in a crisis: New York Times
Laughter releases endorphins and has other beneficial effects for your cardiovascular system: National Institutes of Health November 2009
Humor incorporated in lectures helps students to better remember the material six weeks later: Journal of Educational Psychology
Humor during therapy helps build a closer relationship between patients and doctors: Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Laughter reduces mortality rates: Yamagata Study in Japan and Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine
Keeping a humor journal (three funniest things that happened that day) for a week increases happiness and reduces depression, continuing for at least six months (the length of the study): Journal of Happiness Studies
Humor reduces stress and increases short-term memory: Loma Linda University study
Laughter therapy has positive effects on depression, insomnia and sleep quality in the elderly: Geriatrics & Gerontology International
Laughter has shown physiological, psychological, social, spiritual, and quality-of-life benefits: National Institutes of Health November 2010
Laughter may reduce stress and strengthen the immune system: National Institutes of Health March 2003
Humor therapies reduce blood pressure, reduce arrhythmias and other heart problems and decrease subsequent heart attacks: Advances in Mind-body Medicine
Laughter benefits vascular function: American Journal of Cardiology and Medical Hypotheses
Laughter may help treat allergies: Perceptual and Motor Skills
Humour therapy may help treat depression in the elderly: International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
Humor conveys confidence, competence & status: Harvard Business Review
Managers with a sense of humor are perceived to be more effective: Psychology Today
Shared laughter helps with bonding in offices: Human Nature
Humor helps participants during a revolution to overthrow an autocratic government: Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science



Bring corporate comedian Shaun Eli to your conference or event.
For much less than you thought possible.
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