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Clean stand-up comedian Shaun Eli is a great addition to your corporate or industry event, awards dinner or charity fundraiser.
Hire him for your country club comedy night, alumni get-together or your private party.

Here are some video clips from shows in theatres and one from a show in a house of worship.


We’ve improved the iPhone

Iphone Humor Clean Stand-up Comedy: Better than an iPhone (kosher cell phone)

Putting a stupid Supreme Court decision to good use

Clean Legal Stand-up Comedy: Putting a stupid Supreme Court decision to good use

Perhaps my second-dirtiest joke

Perhaps my second dirtiest joke

Sometimes the biggest laughs are when you talk about somewhere else

How to Do Stand-up Comedy: Sometimes the biggest laughs are when you talk about somewhere else

You learn a lot when you date a doctor

At a charity show (improvising when something goes wrong gets applause 20 sec. into the show)

Jewish Stand-up Comedy At a charity fund-raising show at a synagogue in Pennsylvania

Studies have shown that people value experiences more than we value possessions. The pleasure we get from buying something new wears off very quickly but a pleasurable experience lives on in our memory. Stand-up comedy is a great, fun experience so come to a show!

A Stand-up Comedian Takes on One of The Most Powerful Companies in the World

(This video is 8:20 long. Watch all at once when you have the time as it all ties together at the end.)

Clean Corporate Comedian vs Google. A Wharton-educated comic takes on the world's most powerful corp

You can find more of Shaun’s hilarious stand-up comedy videos on his Youtube channel.

Other Funny Videos from Stand-up Comedian Shaun Eli

Late-Night TV Style News Quiz

Olympics Comedy: Shaun Eli Breidbart Olympics News Quiz

Shaun Eli: Wall Street Correspondent

Wall Street Humor Corporate Comedy Shaun Eli Breidbart Wall Street Correspondent

Real Estate Rules for Living

Real Estate Humor Comedian Shaun Eli's Real Estate Rules for Living clean comedy for senior citizens

 Videocast: Two Champagne flutes 2/3 full of Champagne, with bubbles and a very colorful red and pink background The Ivy League of Comedy
Video podcast: Weekly during much of the pandemic Shaun interviewed/chatted with a comedian or two or others from the comedy industry.