Senior Citizen Comedy Show?
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Looking for a Clean Standup Comic experienced at entertaining 55+ audiences?

Senior Citizen Entertainment Comedy for Senior Citizens
Call me at (914) It's Funny (914 487-3866) or email Shaun [at]

I'm ready to answer all your questions and help you
plan the perfect fun afternoon or evening.
Your staff will have a great time too!

Let a Wharton-educated stand-up comedian help guide you and make your comedy event everything you deserve!         

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Even if you're just getting started and have no idea where to begin
feel free to call or email me with any questions you might have.

          I make them laugh, you get all the credit!sm

Advice is free!

You can also find lots of information on how to hire comedians for any type of comedy show in my printable on-line brochure: How to Hire a Standup Comedian

I'm also an instrument-rated pilot, former lifeguard instructor and former world-class sculler & dragon-boat racer. Impressed?
Don't be... My brother Scott is a doctor with an MBA who's married to a psychologist with a law degree; my brother Seth has four Ivy League degrees including a PhD.
Me? I'm funny; I make my parents laugh. And I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Shaun Eli

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