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I'm corporate comedian Shaun Eli, here to answer all your
questions and help you plan the perfect fun evening for your
corporation, law firm, charity, conference, seminar or dinner...
   We make them laugh, you get all the credit!sm

You have some options-
Hire me for your event, or get fancier and have me bring some colleagues for a full evening of professional comedy entertainment starring comedians you've seen on The Tonight Show, Colbert, Letterman & Comedy Central.

Let a Wharton-educated stand-up comedian help guide you and make your event everything you deserve!

Even if you're not sure what type of event you want feel free to call or email me with any general questions you might have. Advice is free!

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The Ivy League of Comedy, a clean comedy showcase, stars a hand-picked, select group of pro comics perfect for your event. America's top clean smart comedians are ready to put together a fantastic evening of comedy!

Our comics have appeared on:
The Tonight Show (with Johnny, Jay, Conan & Jimmy)    Late Show with Stephen Colbert   Late Show with David Letterman    Comedy Central    & more
and are favorites at corporate events and at comedy clubs worldwide!

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Find information on how to hire standup comedians for any type of comedy show in my free brochure: How to Hire a Standup Comedian

Shaun Eli
Comedian & Executive Director
The Ivy League of Comedy

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