Business School... in About an Hour

                          The Show 

The hilarious and somewhat educational show by
corporate stand-up comedian
Shaun Eli that opened at the American
Embassy in Vienna is now in previews
in NYC.

Using examples and jokes from his
corporate stand-up comedy act to
illustrate his points, comedian and
Wharton alumnus Shaun Eli can help
you manage your business
● More intelligently ● More efficiently ● 
● Less stressfully  More profitably

● Joyously ●

But more importantly,          
you'll have a great time!

Available for private shows for/at your club,
alumni association, law
 firm, charity, community
group, company/office event, government,
military or business group, temple or church,
professional organization or other group.

Everything you'd learn in two years at Wharton
or Harvard Business School, in under 90 minutes
and at a savings of more than $100,000.

Educational ● Satirical Informative Hilarious

You can learn a lot about how to manage your business
from a guy making jokes about kindergarten, his parents
and some of the Ten Commandments.

“Thank you for debuting your new one-man stand-up
comedy show ‘Business School ... in About an Hour,’
I never would have considered how principles of risk
management from finance are also applicable to being a
stand-up comedian.
This clever routine should be perfect for New York
Keep up the great work!
The State Department greatly appreciates your
- Lindsey Hamilton
Community Liaison Officer
American Embassy, Vienna

          The Comedian

  Praise for Shaun Eli:
"Shaun writes the type of smart comedy I like to use in my opening monologue."
- Jay Leno

Further testimonials here     

“You were the most talked-about part of our group’s trip to NYC- everyone had such a wonderfully hilarious evening. 
We all appreciated your ability to interact with a very diverse audience, military officers and diplomats intermixed with New Yorkers and visiting tourists from all over, and still keep your material fresh, clever and relevant to everyone...
I would recommend you to any group seeking entertainment.”

- Colonel Jiyul Kim
Director of Asian Studies
U.S. Army War College

“Shaun had our attention from the start. Even our fittest divers were laughing so hard they could barely catch their breath.”
- Dr. Soliman Shenouda
President, The Scuba Sports Club

“You’re wonderful! Bless you for coming! This is the first time in three months I’ve seen my wife smile.”
- husband of a cancer patient after a show at NYC’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

     What Shaun Eli says:
I figured out a fair and effective way to save Social Security: You can retire when you look 65.

The DEA announced that New Jersey’s heroin is the strongest in the country– they said it’s 71% pure. That’s got to be a little embarrassing... when your heroin’s cleaner than your drinking water!

A new study says that men and women differ in their eating habits. Women prefer fruits, vegetables, eggs and yogurt, and men want to get the meal over with so they can have sex.

Some sad news. The founder of Wine Spectator Magazine has passed away. Or, as the magazine is reporting it, his Bordeaux is continuing to age... but he isn’t.

Scientists have succeeded in getting a mouse to catch cold, which they say could either lead to a breakthrough in curing colds or just piss off a lot of mice.

Shaun Eli, The Wall Street Comedian, will perform stand-up comedy for Business Seminars, Meetings, Conferences, Conventions & Events for Financial Companies, Stock Exchanges including the NYSE, American Stock Exchange & Nasdaq, for Mutual Funds, Trading Seminars, Personal Finance Seminars and anything else business-related that you're sponsoring. Just email for details. So bring your CEO, CFO, CMO to see the Business Comedian for an afternoon or evening of Clean Financial Comedy. Don't pay a booker for clean corporate comedy events- hire directly! For New York City/Manhattan/Westchester/Hudson Valley and anywhere else there's a nearby airport!

Whether you call it 1 hour business school, business school in about one hour, one hour b school, 1 hour b school, 1 hour b-school, one hour business school, business school in about an hour, it's all mine!

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